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This Week's Menu:

You'll receive this menu if you place your order before 9am on Friday 8/18.

*Please note, all macro information is for standard size meals and does not include packaged sauces. Full macro information and ingredient lists can be viewed by clicking on the meal name.


Delivery 01 - Monday 8/21:

  1. CUSTOMER FAVORITE! BBQ Pulled Pork w/Sweet Potato Mushroom Hash (MEAL: P: 44g F: 22g C: 48g) 

  2. Chicken Adobo w/Sauteed Asparagus & Cauliflower Sweet Potato Mash (MEAL: P: 48g F: 22g C: 37g)

  3. Turkey Burger w/Carrot Parsnip Fries & Housemade Ketchup (MEAL: P: 40g F: 24g C: 50g, DRESSING: P:0 F:16 C:4)

  4. Herb Marinated Chicken w/Purple Sweet Potato Salad, Broccoli & Olive Tapenade (MEAL: P: 42g F: 24g C: 50g, DRESSING: P:0 F:16 C:4) 

  5. Asian Meatballs w/Pickled Vegetables, Cauliflower & Cilantro Aioli (MEAL: P: 32g F: 24g C: 38g, DRESSING: P:2 F:38 C:2)

  6. Shepherd's Pie w/Lemon Parsley Zucchini & Carrots (P: 33g F: 28g C: 43g) 


Delivery 02 - Thursday 8/24:

  1. CUSTOMER FAVORITE! Meatballs w/Spaghetti Squash & Housemade Marinara (MEAL: P:42g F:33g C:47g)
  2. Oven Roasted Chicken Shwarma w/Basil Roasted Eggplant & Tomatoes, Paleo Tzatziki Sauce (MEAL: P: 41g F: 23g C: 21g, DRESSING: P:2 F:38 C:2) 
  3. Seared Flat Iron Steak w/Sauteed Pepper, Mushroom, Onion & Housemade Steak Sauce (MEAL P: 49g F: 22g C: 11g, SAUCE: P:0 F:4 C:8) 
  4. Garlic Sage Burger, Sweet Potato Casserole, Apple Bacon Chutney & Kale (MEAL: P: 41g F: 29g C: 69g)



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